About Us

Not Just Good...But Great!!! We, at The Quick Wok believe in providing the utmost Quality in Food with a Taste that lingers not just on you tounge but also in your mind. We get you the freshest of veggies, mixed with your favourite base, tossed in our delicious and healthy in-house sauces and garnished with our crispy condiments. This piping hot food is presented to you in trendy and and good looking Paper boxes as we love to take care of our Environment too.

We make sure all our Chefs/Cooks are trained well and follow all the safety and hygiene standards along with having the skills to prepare the best Oriental, Chinese or Thai food for you.

Our main USP's are:
  • Quick - Any dish on our menu takes 7-10 mins max to be prepared
  • Healthy - We have in our menu choices like Wheat Flat Noodles, Brown Rice, Tofu and a range of healthy Exotic and Indian Veggies. Also, the food has 'NO MSG', hence it it Safe to consume for all.
  • Tasty - We prepare our sauces in-house keeping in mind to make them healthy, tasty and full of falvour. Evry sauce has a unique flavour and we have a range of sauces from sweet, tangy to hot and spicy.

  • Our History

    Serving Chinese. Oriental. Thai. Wraps and Fries

    We started our journey with a small Food Court outlet in Hinjewadi, West of Pune in Jan 2016, where we were serving only Oriental Customized Woks and Thai Curry. Our Woks got so much love and support from our walk in customers, who pushed us to open a Dine In space, hence we started our Baner outlet in Jan 2017 with a small cozy Dine-In space for our beloved Wokers where we extended our Menu to serve Soups, Starters and Burmese KhowSuey Curry.

    Our Baner outlet also was loved and admired by many which then pushed us to go further in the center of Pune, the busy hustly F.C Road where we opened another casual sit out outlet also serving Indian Chinese along with Oriental and Thai as demand from our student crowd there.

    Growing from 1 Food court outlet in 2016 to 5 full fledged outlets by 2019, we were also one of the Brands badly hit by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic incurring a lot of monetary losses due to shutting down of multiple outlets. It was a big hit for all of us still we as a Brand never lost our presence from the Pune market and we ar still here serving you your favourite Woks, Thai Curry, Chinese Food and also Wraps now.

    "Best Oriental Wok in Pune, Maharashtra. Ever!”